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Visa requirements for Russian citizens were lifted (unilaterally or bilaterally, for the first time or repeatedly (in this case, the date of the last cancellation of visas) as the Soviet Union by Micronesia (18 December 1980) Georgia (until December 2000, visa-free for residents of Caucasian Regions from October 2010, resumed for all citizens on 29 February 2012), Macau (30 September 2012), Mauritius (November 2012), Jamaica (11 March 2013), Russian citizens were made eligible for e Visas by Singapore (December 2009), Mexico (1 November 2010), Sri Lanka (January 2012), Montserrat (September 2012), São Tomé and Príncipe (2012), Myanmar (1 September 2014), India made Russian citizens eligible for the e-Visa (27 November 2014), Kenya (2 July 2015), Gabon (15 June 2015), Australia (Electronic Visitor visa from 1 October 2015), Holders of a multiple-entry visa issued by Canada, USA or the United Kingdom valid for at least 45 days beyond the period of intended stay in Bermuda do not require a visa for 3 months.Visa free for a maximum stay of 3 months if transiting through the United Kingdom.By 700, the city became an abandoned place where only a handful of nomads grazed goats.It remained unknown to Europeans until it was rediscovered in 1812 by Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, who had read the historical descriptions of Petra and concluded that "there is no other ruin between the extremities of the Dead sea and Red sea, of sufficient importance to answer to that city".

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These innovations stored water for prolonged periods of drought and enabled the city to prosper from its sale.At the end of the narrow gorge stands Petra's most elaborate ruin, Al Khazneh (popularly known as and meaning "the Treasury"), hewn into the sandstone cliff.While remaining in remarkably preserved condition, the face of the structure is marked by hundreds of bullet holes made by the local Bedouin tribes that hoped to dislodge riches that were once rumored to be hidden within it.Enclosed by towering rocks and watered by a perennial stream, Petra not only possessed the advantages of a fortress, but controlled the main commercial routes which passed through it to Gaza in the west, to Bosra and Damascus in the north, to Aqaba and Leuce Come on the Red Sea, and across the desert to the Persian Gulf.

Excavations have demonstrated that it was the ability of the Nabataeans to control the water supply that led to the rise of the desert city, creating an artificial oasis.The Nabataeans were nomadic Arabs who invested in Petra's proximity to the trade routes by establishing it as a major regional trading hub.The trading business gained the Nabataeans considerable revenue, and Petra became the focus of their wealth.Today, most modern visitors approach the site from the east.