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Each and every week, four, sometimes five, best friends gather around *this* table, each bringing a random topic of discussion for your amusement." The Game Over Greggy Show is an audio/video podcast and the flagship show of Kinda Funny.

The podcast debuted on December 9, 2013 on Kinda Funny's Youtube channel. The podcast is, according to Colin Moriarty, an extension of A Conversation with Colin by including Tim and Nick into the conversation.

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This contributed to the missing full video version of 13th episode of the podcast.Some of the feedback of the aforementioned episode noted that the flow of the episode is somewhat broken by the repeated introduction of each segments.The following episode of the podcast, the 14th episode, Greg explained that the podcast is still evolving and all fan feedback is welcomed and considered.Italicized names are guests on the live version of the podcast. The bracketed numbers indicates the number of the episode.) (Note: The order of the personalities in the topic list is in accordance to the first episode.

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Highlighted titles are linked to the video version of the topics and full episodes.

Reader's discretion is advised until fixing is done.