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08-Mar-2017 07:23

Research conducted by Dr Nancy Darling of Penn State University found that over 96% of teenagers tell lies.

In the previous post we examined some of the common reasons teenagers tell lies.It is perfectly normal to get angry when you realize your teenager is lying to you. But don’t use your teenager as a means of getting your anger out.The results will be yelling, door slamming and an increased likelihood your teen will become more stubborn, more secretive and more prone to deception.If a teenager believes the rules are unfair and there is no room to negotiate or make exceptions then the option to be deceptive and dishonest becomes their only choice.

If you demonstrate your willingness to trust your teenager by giving them more freedom they are more likely to act in a trustworthy manner.By the time kids become teenagers telling lies to keep the peace or avoid trouble has become second nature. Your children develop a baseline level of acceptable lies or half-truths by watching you and how honestly you respond to situations in life.Expecting teenagers to open up and give you honest answers about how their day was or what problems they are facing can lead to disappointment if they constantly observe you cover up how you feel and respond with polite white lies. Being proactive about negotiating rules and boundaries with your teenager is one of the most effective ways to reduce negative relationship outcomes in families. As discussed in the previous post one of the reasons teenagers lie is because they think parents won’t listen to them.It is inevitable that from time to time all teens will be less than honest with their parents (How many of us can say we never told a lie to our parents?