Abusive or intimidating behavior in the workplace

23-Jun-2017 12:34

Harassment becomes unlawful when: Some states have statutes that prohibit discrimination or harassment on the basis of whether a person is a smoker.A handful of states, including Wisconsin and New York, along with some private companies have laws or policies that prohibit discrimination and harassment based on arrest records or convictions.These are discriminatory questions because they are not relevant to your abilities, skills, and qualifications to do the job.Sometimes it's hard to tell whether if a situation qualifies as workplace harassment.However, prior to doing so, victims should usually make an effort to resolve the situation internally.One option is to reach out to the offending individual directly.

The legal guidelines protect workers over the age of 40 and so long as they can do the tasks required by the job their age along cannot be used against them.

For instance, a court in Florida determined that "fat jokes" made about an obese employee violated the Americans With Disabilities Act.