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Jog the arm into the desired position by means of buttons or a joy stick on the pendant.・With point-to-point capability, the robot calculates the straightest path to that learned desired position from the previous position.・Programming is accomplished via a teach pendant and an average of 3000 points can be programmed.・With controlled path motion, the robot automatically moves in a staight line from one taught point to the next at the programmed velocity.・Arrange that if the hands remain in the danger zone after the machine is started, its continued functioning will be prevented or modified.

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quorum ・Business cannot be transacted unless 1/3 or more total membership is present.・the tendency of labor to shift from one plant to another.・If a person is properly prepared for his or her responsibility, the results are measurable in dollars and cents by reduced turnover and increased output.slow cure ・The adhesive can be deliberately slow-cured during the assembly process so that it does not set up until the body is completely assembled and all parts have oriented themselves.