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22-Sep-2017 13:40

The Lynchburg College men’s lacrosse program is very proud of its alumni.

Coach Koudelka reaches out to all of the alumni each Monday with current details inside the program.

Lynchburg Lacrosse is, without a doubt, the best program in all of college lacrosse.

The program instills hard work and winning every matchup, whether that is out on the field or in the classroom.

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The friendships and bonds between my teammates and coaches will be something that I will always cherish for the rest of my life.Not only did I develop into a better student-athlete at Lynchburg but I also gained the confidence and experience I needed for after graduation.All of the guys on the lacrosse team (and alumni), the mentors I had in coaches, the professors in class, as well as, my peers positively refined and guided my direction after school.All characteristics that I still strive to exude today.

Tyler Bringman Graduation Year from Lynchburg College: 2016 Major in College: Marketing Where you went to High School: Bexley High School, Ohio Academic or Athletic Accolades earned at LC: Dean's List (2016) Current Job; Company and Job Title: Russel's Orchard and Winery; Store Associate Location of Current Job; City, State, etc: Ipswich, Massachusetts What does Lynchburg College Lacrosse Mean To You?

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Jun 1, 2012. And, in a surprise development straight out of an old Frank Capra movie, it seems a long roster of Lindley's alumni, dating back to 1994 when she started, and through last season's class, are preparing a letter to be released here to the public in the coming days, stressing their far flung support.… continue reading »

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Sep 19, 2016. From the CKCS's point of view, this was the perfect opportunity for a handful of its alumni, dating back to the first climbing camp in 2009, to have another chance to try for the summit of Bugaboo Spire. In previous years, including this July, we have managed to lead youths from the Kootenay/Columbia region.… continue reading »

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We have an illustrious alumni dating back to 1954. Our alumni are disbursed throughout the country and the world, but many have made Sparta and surrounding towns their homes.… continue reading »

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A Way of Life. The Lynchburg College men's lacrosse program is very proud of its alumni. Coach Koudelka reaches out to all of the alumni each Monday with current details inside the program. We have alumni dating back to the program's inception in 1980 who remain engaged in the college's activities. Throughout the.… continue reading »

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Dec 4, 2017. “Being able to celebrate 20 years of SOLID with colleagues and friends in the current class as well as alumni dating back to the founding members was truly special. This organization has achieved so much in two decades and I'm proud that we were able to pay homage to its history on Thursday night,”.… continue reading »

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