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04-Sep-2017 13:26

Even when the news that night is dire, viewers can usually count on a minute or 2 of entertainment during those short segments. I have seen her show on HLN and her reports for "360" and she is a wonderful journalist.

I only hope that as a regular correspondent for 360 there is some way that Erica can continue to do the "What Were They Thinking" type spots, in addition to her reporting assignments. It will be great to see what she does when she has a chance to step away from the anchor's desk.

Anderson is very popular and successful, and his net worth which is a whooping, mind-boggling 100 million U. He is an inspiration to everyone out there and is an example of hard work and passion.

On the internet, his shirtless photos can be found, but all of them are not real.

Anderson is gay, and he has accepted it openly which is a very bold step to do.

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As he is gay he will never get married to a woman, have a wife.

It is always good to laugh and your fans love to hear you laugh. Now I don't have to worry about that because my two favorite anchors will be on the same 360 show, and 360 is on when I get home from work, so perfect timing! The byplay and banter exchanged when she presents her news bulletins (and sits in for the "Shot of the Day") often provide the high point of the broadcast. Look forward to the show with Erica and keep up the great work. I congratulate her on her new, exciting position and I look forward to her reports. Jo Ann North Royalton, Ohio Anderson, this is wonderful news!!! You both get alongso well and can add a little funto the show nights when the newsis not so pleasant. Also, it is great seeing Jeffrey Toobin getting moreair time. At least she will be able to get back to her snowy days that she talked about in her news letter the other day! Erica Hill is smart and has a sense of humour and it no easy task to be both on live television. Wishing her the very best in the enhanced role in AC 360Bhuvana Anderson! I enjoy her commentary so much and am thrilled that she'll be able to contribute to the show! I hope so, I'd enjoy seeing her anchor 360 if you can't be there to do it! We lost Headline News from the cable offerings here awhile ago, so don't get to see her otherwise.