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At that point, you can give him permission to take out your daughter.

Or you might even buy yourself some time by saying you’ll think the conversation over and get back to him with an answer especially if you have issues that you feel need to be addressed with your wife and daughter.

Your job is to help your daughter, not just make him feel good about himself.

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Don’t be shy…even if it seems a bit uncomfortable for him and for you.

It metamorphosed into a painful, personal exploration of Butler’s own relationship with her father.

“I became way more involved than I thought I’d be,” said Butler, 45, whose difficulty trying to get her head around her dad’s decision to marry a potential stepmother who would be half her age worsened once she discovered a dark secret.

His deceptive attitude — and how he has given Girlie the impression he’s a millionaire — sets off alarm bells. It’s not going to happen,” says Butler, accustomed to empty promises from her father, a retired truck driver and dreamer who was rarely home during her childhood in Kamloops, where her mother died six years ago. “You’re following two other people and letting that unfold, but you can’t help but have [April’s] perspective,” said Hrankowski, who had to learn how to use a high-definition camera to shoot April’s sequences. They also had to ensure their friendship didn’t affect content.

Does she warn Girlie her fiancé is raising false hopes? As such conflicts unravel, dramatic tension rises organically in this fascinating point-of-view documentary. “My first scene was April [nervously] meeting Girlie. “As a filmmaker I’m seeing my friend fall apart,” Hrankowski said. ” The seasoned documentarian dismisses suggestions Father Figures could be perceived as exploitive. “Dale and Girlie really wanted to do this, to share their relationship.” Although it wasn’t easy airing her dirty laundry, Butler hopes Father Figures will inspire others to honestly address theirs.Have your daughter prepared to tell any guy that asks her out to call you first before answering him.This helps her know that you are expecting to be her first line of defense and gives her guidance on how to respond to a guy’s invitation. So you might invite the young man, and even his dad, to your home.It’s especially frustrating because she first asked about it only a month after Mom died while we were at a wedding reception, and it wound up making me cry, but she still keeps asking.