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03-Oct-2017 19:59

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Before fashion bloggers were quickly making their way from Instagram accounts and Wordpress pages to the front row of Fashion Week, the world of high fashion was a gated one.

Power earned is a whole other animal, and power earned in this world starts with the power over the Self, over the desires and wishes and wants that every man has.

Searching through history’s generals, CEOs, and even spiritual leaders, its quite easy to choose archetypes to prove this point that respect is more powerful than fear or love.

In this book, which I’ve read a couple times but not in at least a decade, Machiavelli poses the question as to whether it is better to be loved or feared?

Every day we are embattled in a war to live as best we can, to ward off the things we don’t need to be doing, the distractions that pull us from our mission, and the things that weaken our resolve.