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04-Nov-2017 20:56

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Not everyone over 60 yrs is 'entitled' to Pension Credit. The word 'entitlement' is not a good word for the government to use. But the thinking was probably that 'entitlement' made people feel good about being able to get something.If you have 'earnings' and these will include things like ......If you are of working age we may be able to backdate your claim for housing benefit up to six months from the date of receiving your written request.From the 1 April 2016 backdating will be limited to a maximum of one month.

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PC are stating that they can only backdate 3 months and not back to when PIP was awarded. However, CPAG 2017/18 p.1160 states that PIP does not count as a qualifying benefit under the relevant regulations, except for Carer’s Allowance, so this provision may not be possible and therefore 3 months backdating decision for PC may be correct.If you have a partner - any age - and your weekly earnings are less than £226.50, you could be entitled to Pension Credit.You may even be able to get more - even if you earn more than the figures above - if for instance either you or your partner are severely disabled, or have mortgage interest payments to make.In reality, Pension Credit is a benefit to guarantee you a minimum income once you are at pension credit qualifying age.

A Law Centre NI Response - May 2008 Introduction. Law Centre NI welcomes the opportunity to comment on the proposals to reduce benefit backdating of HB/CTB/PC.… continue reading »

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