Bean counter not updating

15-Aug-2017 11:15

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We also pride ourselves on our friendly, open approach to any project or requirement.We make the effort to find out the individual requirements of all our clients and meet them face to face to see how their firm operates, so we can tailor our services to them.

As well as that, bookkeepers have several other responsibilities that keep a company's financial wheels turning smoothly.

Here, we explore the survey results in more detail, the services bookkeepers provide and why they are such an important asset to any business.

Cloud accounting software giant Xero surveyed people from across the globe to gain an insight into the public's understanding and perception of bookkeepers and accountants.

Below is my MBean class: The MBean attributes get exposed as expected, so I have no issues there.

My problem comes in at the point where I want to increment the counter.But the same survey also showed those who work with bookkeepers agree they are vital for all businesses.While we do work with numbers and keep finances in check, there is a lot more to a bookkeeper's role and our profession is not the stereotype so many people think it is.Payrolls can be a complicated business having to take in tax codes, deductions, bonuses, pensions and benefits – and this is where the bookkeeper steps in.