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BLONSKY ETAL 3,216,423 APPARATUS FOR FACILITATING THE BIRTH OF A CHILD BY CENTRIFUGAL FORGE 4 Sheets-Sheet 3 Filed Jan. BLONSKY ETAL 3, APPARATUS FOR FACILITATING THE BIRTH OF A CHILD BY CENTRIFUGAL FORCE Filed Jan. 1 is a top plan view of apparatus embodying the invention and showing the expectant mother in position thereon; FIG. The motor shown is a vari-speed vertical gear motor which is controlled by the controller 16, and which is arranged to drive the main vertical shaft 14 at a closely controlled variable speed of revolution, through a motor sheave 19, the speed reducer 17 and a sheave 20 secured to such shaft.

For a better understanding of such apparatus, as well as the advantages and novel features thereof, reference is made to the following description which should be read in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which FIG. 4 is a side elevational view of a modified form of the means for supporting the mother on the apparatus; and FIG. The base plate may be made of heavy cast iron and has bolted thereto an anti-friction bearing 13 for the main vertical shaft 14, a motor 15, a controller 16, a speed reducer 17 and a hand brake 18.

The ballast deck 46 has fixed thereto a number (about ten) of aluminum ballast water boxes or tanks 47, each having the capacity to hold 20 pounds of water when the deck 28 is revolving.

Each of the boxes 47 is provided with a filling funnel 48, a drain faucet 49 and a sight glass 50 to enable filling it with an exact amount of water.

Nothing would tickle me more.”“While I'm sad not to continue with the play this time around, I want what's best for it and my castmates, who are beautifully telling this story and connecting to audiences every night,” Blonsky added.

Adjacent to the other or inner end of base plate 29, the deck 28 has suitably secured thereto two upstanding bolts 38 with which two holes in such base plate register when the extensions 35 are properly abutting the outer edges of the openings 36 and the associated edge of the butt plate 37.Nikki Blonsky has withdrawn from the Off-Broadway return of Stuffed, currently in previews at the Westside Theatre.As the production searches for a replacement, understudy Lauren Ann Brickman will assume the role of Marty beginning October 12.Unfortunately, for us and for her, the timing put us behind schedule, and the two of us agreed this was for the good of the show.

I will always love and admire Nikki and what she represents, and I really hope we can work together on something in the future.Consequently, the head of a patient on the machine is positioned at or near the center of rotation of the deck 28.At its other end, the base plate 29/of the stretcher frame is provided with a pair of spaced bayonet extensions 35 adapted to be passed through openings 36 in deck 28 and by then shifting the stretcher frame outwardly, to be brought into engagement with the outer edges of such openings which function in the nature of stops and coact with such extensions 35 to prevent further outward movement of the frame during the operations of the apparatus. This is not the case, however, with more civilized Women who often do not have the opportunity to develop the muscles needed in confinement.

Oct 12, 2017. Hairspray film favorite and Golden Globe nominee Nikki Blonsky has departed the cast of comedian Lisa Lampanelli's new play, Stuffed. Understudy Lauren Ann Brickman will perform in the role of Marty beginning on October 12. Replacement casting will be announced at a later date. The production.… continue reading »

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Inventor George B Blonsky Charlotte E Blonsky; Original Assignee George B Blonsky Charlotte E Blonsky; Priority date. United States Patent 3,216,423 APPARATUS FGR FACJILITATING THE BIRTH 9F A CHILD BY CENTRIFUGAL FORCE George B. Blonsky and Charlotte E. Blonsky, both of 2440 Sedgwick Ave. New.… continue reading »

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Jun 1, 2016. David Blonski, Director Regulatory Affairs. Date prepared. May 24, 2016. Name of device. Trade or proprietary name. Hospira Administration Sets Hospira Primary Sets, Hospira Extension Sets, Hospira. Burette Sets, Hospira Blood Sets. Common or usual name. I. V Administration Sets. Classification name.… continue reading »

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