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04-Mar-2017 09:00

Any duplicate Serial number entries will be flagged and rejected by the system.Each compact pedal you register must be a different model to earn another reward.

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Claims from companies, organisations and institutions and claims directly from dealers and distributors are forbidden and will not be honoured.Roland does not offer service or repair assistance or provide service manuals (schematics) at this time.Please note: choosing to repair or modify your product at any time during your warranty period voids the warranty.Any exceptions to that rule will be stated here and advertised on the website.

This offer is not available on any second hand, refurbished/reconditioned or counterfeit stock.Any registered pedals must be purchased inside that 365 day period.You can register products purchased on or after October 1st 2017 and your 365 day counter will start from the date of your first purchase.The RSP of each pedal for the purposes of this promotion are listed here: ‌Visit a digital version or clear photo of your receipt and the serial code from your pedals (for validation) and follow the on-screen instructions.