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27-Nov-2017 23:18

Surrounded by Russian speakers, many are haunted by past traumas, and often have trouble shaking their own internal homophobia. At a twenty-five person RUSA meeting the week after the election, Gorshkov again proposed a parade.When RUSA LGBT’s Gorshkov first proposed the idea of a pride parade in Brighton Beach at a RUSA meeting in 2015, very few were interested. And, once more, the response was underwhelming — only five members were enthusiastic.He tried to protect his brother, ordering him to flee the scene. Five years later, Artem moved to Moscow, where life as a gay man was easier than it was in Siberia. In April 2015, three men followed him home from a gay nightclub and beat him senseless in front of the lobby to his apartment building, screaming, “You’ll die here tonight, faggot.” He escaped with a broken nose, broken ribs, and several hematomas.

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In 2013, the State Duma (the Russian legislative assembly) passed a law prohibiting the “propaganda” of “nontraditional” sexual relations to minors.

With Smirnov’s story out in the open, people felt they had something concrete to rally against.

In late March, the parade’s supporters had gathered enough willing participants to set a date.

According to Nina Long, co-president of RUSA LGBT, and one of the organizers of Brighton Pride, the incident resonated.

“It really hit home that you live in New York but at your place of employment in Brooklyn you can be powerless,” she told me.When he started working as a bus boy at a cafe in nearby Manhattan Beach, he soon had to quit because of snide remarks and emotional abuse from a homophobic manager.Though the owner of the cafe is gay-friendly, Artem decided to keep quiet about why he was quitting. He would have talked to her and it would have just made things worse,” he told me.This has created an atmosphere of impunity, resulting in severe spikes in homophobic crimes, and causing large numbers of Russian LGBT people to flee the country.

Dirtections By Rail About 15 minutes' walk from Brighton mainline rail station. By Bus to Old Steine, where most through buses stop. Screamers Start date 25 October. The show was created by Chris Green, whose Tina C and musical Baroness Ida Barr characters are now revered by gay and non-gay audiences alike.… continue reading »

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We're proud to fly the flag for Brighton and for the great British seaside and would be delighted if you would choose to stay with us when you're next in town. We have 11 comfortable bedrooms, including kings, doubles and singles, all with luxurious ensuites, some with sea views, and others with views of our pretty courtyard.… continue reading »

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Brighton is a famous seaside resort and charming city in East Sussex in southeastern England, 76 km 47 mi south of London. There are three routes on weekdays route 52 on Saturdays too between the City Centre and the Universities with a bright yellow bus company called the Big Lemon. date needs updating.… continue reading »

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Jan 27, 2018. Modern, clean and bright. - Quiet - Central heating - Large garden - Superfast Wi-Fi -… continue reading »

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The stylish, gay-friendly Legends Hotel is on Brighton's seafront, in the heart of Kemptown.… continue reading »

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Jul 20, 2017. Denis, a large, fit man recently discharged from the army, was the only person at the time to know Artem was gay. He tried to protect his brother, ordering him to flee the scene. Artem ran to call the police. The following morning, Denis was found dead. That day, Artem not only lost his sole confidant, but also.… continue reading »

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