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07-Jul-2017 08:38

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Caption at top of page: Celine: "We love each other too much to get married.

We want to take time for us." By Dany Jucaud Paris Match.

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Celine is a fair, well-dressed darling that keeps her hair blonde. A: I've never asked him, but I've asked myself more than once! And besides that, he tells me that when I'm natural, he finds me sexy! His lifestyle doesn't make taking time to get to know a person easy, so it doesn't seem likely he'll change.But she lasted 3 years so he must not have had too much trouble having a sort of wife. We put out a big buffet and everyone helps themselves. 'But she just wrecked all of my concentration - I could feel her eyes boring into me.Yep, his girlfriends typically end up as 'models' even when it's clear that they're not models. I think George likes to be seen as a man who dates the 'glamour girl.' I think for him, it's important that he not be seen as the guy who dates the 'normal, 9 to 5' girls. I think a big part of him looks down on the non-model women. At night, I tell him what I'm going to do the next day. to noon, keeping myself busy with the volunteer work I do with little children. If there's something I don't understand, George explains it to me. Every Sunday, it is customary that we invite about 20 people over to the house. We play tennis, basketball, we swim, we watch sports on TV. I was shaking with nerves.'" Referring to Jennifer Lopez it says, "Clooney's insistence on hand-picking his latest leading lady - for the sake of authentic sexual chemistry, of course - would suggest there may be a reson for his girlfriend's obsession.A: George [laughing]: Yeah, I basically stalked her. Plus there's the endless debate over what she actually did for a living: was she a kindergarten teacher? But I'm always hungry when I get up and I usually have toast, yogurt and coffee. In the evenings I wear make-up by Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent because I've worn their products since I started using make-up. I always take my cleanser with me and clean off every scrap of make-up immediately after we're finished. You learn a lot about style from your friends and magazines.

No, I met her at a country home at this party, talked with her, and followed her to this bar she was working at. As a kid in high school -- and even in college -- I was the kind of kid who'd be sitting at a bar and staring at some girl and she'd be staring back at me and I'd never go over and talk to her -- and then I'd go home and beat my head against the wall and think, "Why didn't I talk to her?! Q: Your parents recently came to spend a week in LA. These days I learn by talking to the designers who advise me what works and what doesn't. CB: I don't have a favourite designer - they're all amazing in their own way.

I warn you now that if you found Elisabetta's "fariy tale" romance nauseating, you may find this just a little bit on the sickly sweet side. He told me, "I trust you French good taste." Q: Does your heart still beat faster when you see him? Our love is even more intense than in the first days. He didn't do it to please me, but because he was truly interested. The excuse was she didn't know she was doing wrong, but there are several interviews after that.