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11-Jan-2018 07:49

Yeah, I mean, Santino makin’ out with Marissa Tomei is pretty legendary.

Boardslide, SF | Sherbert Alright, one last question, what do you consider to be like, chat.

All these people are comin’ into Tompkin’s so we can’t skate any more, that’s pretty chat.

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I dunno, what’s the craziest party we’ve ever been to Nico? You’re the one saying it, like I’m gonna make out with Nikki Takesh tonight and then you actually did it. Fullscreen Swan Pablo | Peters Probably the party where Santi made out with Marissa Tomei. Probably the most legendary thing that’s ever happened.

Andrew Allen - I mean, it’s classic engineering though, German engineering.

VB Shotgun That’s good though, got a new board sponsor. Are you guys working on a project or something Yeah, that’s happening, I just don’t know when. Then I leave the van and they go out to eat and do something fun.

I like getting my hands dirty though, I’ll probably end up in manual labor or be a painter, something really simple.

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He likes to go to the park early in the morning on the hush, he tells you he had a good time and then you hear from somebody else that he was ripping. It’s kinda crazy that someone like that can make the transition from being such a gnarly skater to full time musician. I just do it for fun, but if that eventually happened, I’d let nature take its course. You seen those ones they put on kids at the airport. F/S Flip Fakie Manual F/S Shuv You remember those things back in the day that were like fake cat leashes, where it’d be like a stick with this almost like Huarache sandal casing that people would walk around with, but there’d actually be no animal? Has Logan still been in Silverlake this whole time? Him and Aidan are over at the house, they’re just still sleepin on the couch. Fullscreen B/S Tailslide, Century City | Peters What’s your favourite beer Sean?