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And many young people actually see dating as a reward to enjoy after the hardship of studying and getting into university.

My high school regulations stipulated no dating, but as things tend to be when they are forbidden, dating was an alluring prospective for my classmates, who would fantasize, encouraged by adults, about falling in love after graduation.

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My family couldn’t get over the fact that I wasn’t seeing anyone.A man can be equated to a dinosaur, sloth or “fennec fox,” to give a few examples; and a woman can be described as a fox, tiger, koala or squirtle — the last from the Nintendo game Pokemon.Cat, puppy, bear and rabbit are apparently gender-neutral descriptors.Or they think there must be something wrong with you.

I am seen and being told to see myself as abnormal just because I don’t have a boyfriend, even though I am perfectly happy with the way I am.

And here comes the sexist gender dynamic: Most men don’t date women who are better educated than they are. She can kiss her dating prospect goodbye since it means the pool of men who are better educated than her is tiny.

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Jul 17, 2017. After a few years of living abroad, I returned to South Korea single but maybe not so ready to mingle with the opposite sex. I wanted to pursue other priorities first. But people around me didn't see my indifference to dating very kindly, as I, at 25, was reaching the ripe age for marriage. My family couldn't get.… continue reading »

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Jun 21, 2016. The answer is similar to going to the chiropractor something I know a lot about. Some people only go to the chiropractor when they have some type of problem causing physical pain. When they wait for the symptom to arise, they are typically in a crisis situation that requires swift attention. At that point, the.… continue reading »

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