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16-Jan-2017 00:50

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The LIQUID OPTICS Interface provides patients with a more precise procedure.

The interface uses OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) technology to create a wide range of view of the eye and a clear path for the laser, ensuring that all incisions are precise.

When cataracts begin to affect your everyday activities, traditional or laser cataract surgery is performed to remove the cataract-clouded lens and replace it with a clear artificial lens.

Cataract surgery can be very effective, but is only performed when necessary to improve vision.

The most common cataract symptoms include: If the cloudiness is not near the center of the lens, you may not be aware that you have a cataract. You no longer have to wait until the cataract “ripens” or until you lose your sight before surgery can be performed.

A common surgical procedure used today in cataract extraction is phacoemulsification (often just called “phaco”), where the surgeon removes the cataract through a small incision.

Because this new technique uses eye drops to numb the eye, the need for an anesthetic shot, stitches or a post-surgery patch is eliminated.

The eye remains tightly sealed by the natural outward pressure within your eye.

To learn more about cataract surgery in Colorado Springs, contact us to schedule a Cataract Consultation.The clear path decreases the risk of injury during and after the surgery, including decreased intraocular pressure rise and eye redness.The INTEGRAL GUIDANCE System enhances OCT technology to ensure that the laser is delivered to the right location on the eye.Like the transparent lens of a camera, the eye’s lens focuses images of both near and distant objects to make them clear.

A cataract causes the lens to become progressively cloudy, which interferes with light passing through the eye to the retina.Cataract surgery often reduces the amount of total prescription for patients.However, glasses or contacts may be necessary after surgery for clear near and/or distance vision.The laser system uses advanced technology to ensure safe and effective removal of the clouded crystalline lens.

It is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens implant IOL. These implants come in many different lens powers and include a monofocal lens for distance OR near vision, a multifocal lens for distance AND near vision, and a toric lens to correct astigmatism. Prior to surgery, your surgeon will help you decide which IOL.… continue reading »

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