Computer turned off while updating bios

13-Feb-2018 22:45

I have tried to boot BIOS without HDD, so there can't be a problem in HDD.... I have tried it with one of two RAM plates and then with another one. Here can be a possibility that both RAM plates are bad.

Thanks, Vince You are aware that if you flashed the bios it will return it to factory defaults.

You need to enter the bios and change the setting back to what it was before you performed a flash of the laptops bios, with the updated firmware.

It`s an easy thing to forget about but give it a try and I think you will find all is ok after the sata interface mode change.

What you need to determine is if this is a MB clock or Windows issue.

Windows is supposed to sync with the MB clock when it starts.

Hi, i have a strange problem on reinstaling Windows XP pro SP2 and SP3 When i'm trying to reinstal operating system computer shuts down on various steps of instaliation. If it does, try cleaning the vents/heatsink/fan areas and use good/working RAM... Plug in the AC and power ON the laptop or what's left of it and try to go into BIOS settings.