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For reference, here's a still of this week's whiteboard.

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Same goes for any time you're considering these things.

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Maybe you're reconsidering those moves and you want to know, "Hey, should I be thinking about making a change now? So this question to rebrand or not to re, it is tough because you know that when you do that rebrand, you will almost certainly take a traffic hit, and SEO is one of the biggest places where people typically take that traffic hit. We saw a dip in our traffic over about 3 to 4 months before it fully recovered, and I would say that dip was between 15% and 25% of our search traffic, depending on week to week.

So if you know that you're going to sell App to someone in the future and you want to make sure that's separate from Star Toys, you should keep them separate.

If you think to yourself, "Gosh, I'd never sell one without the other.

Well, gosh, my general thing here is if you think that's going to be a substantive percentage, say 5% plus, almost always it's worth it, because compound growth rate over a number of years will mean that you're winning big time. When you're reviewing domain names, you're looking for links, you're looking at things in the SERPs, you're like, "Hmm, I don't know about this one." Having that sixth sense is something that we all develop over time, so sketchy sounding not quite as scientific as I might want for a description, but powerful. We suffered with that for a long time with SEOmoz because many people saw it and thought, "Oh, Show Moz, COMoz, See Moz." It sucked.

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Remember that that growth rate is different that raw growth. All the way up to, I really love the name, Star Toys. On this end of the spectrum though, domain names and brand names tend to be unique, memorable, short. Have positive associations, like Star Toys or Walk Score or App Critic.

I wanted to give some examples and then extract out some elements so that maybe you can start to build on these things thematically as you're considering your own domains. It's infinitely unmemorable up to what I think is tolerable -- Sci Fi Toys And There are some questions about how type-in-able it is, how easy it is to type in. Your content tends to overlap, the audience tends to overlap. If you've got Star Toys and App Critic and the overlap is very thin, just that little, tiny piece in the middle there.