Cop arrests kid dating daughter

26-Feb-2018 09:18

Two sisters who disappeared from Rhode Island with their mother in 1985 have been located in the Houston area, and their mother was charged with snatching them, police announced Tuesday. Elaine Yates, who had been living in Houston under the name Liana Waldberg, was arrested on Monday without incident and faces arraignment Wednesday in Rhode Island.

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He also acknowledged punching her while they argued. But it wasn't until they received the anonymous tip that they cracked the case.

On Tuesday morning, one of Fatima’s sisters took her to school. On Wednesday, Daniela Vargas, 22, was arrested after sharing her family’s story — including the arrests of her father and brother last month by ICE officers — during a news conference in Jackson, Mississippi.

Mar 3, 2017. Fatima said her father told his wife and daughter that his car was being followed by immigration agents in an unmarked car. She thought it was the police. Related Story Lawyers for Dreamer Detained at Speaking Engagement Fight the Deportation Clock. When the agents handcuffed her father, she said.… continue reading »

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Mar 14, 2008. Take that kid, stick him in the car, tie a rope around his neck and go as fast as I could up and down the highways, every single highway there is," he said. Soto's daughter told him Hadley had raped her, but she later told the police that Hadley didn't force her and that she made up a false report because.… continue reading »

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