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With the ship on dry land and its rocking motion gone, Natsu regains his vitality and confronts "Salamander," declaring himself to be a member of Fairy Tail, thereby exposing the Mage as an impostor.

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However, Natsu died at a young age alongside their parents, courtesy of a Dragon attack. With Igneel as his guardian, Natsu became acquainted with Gajeel (with whom he frequently fought), Wendy, Sting and Rogue.

Though Natsu forgave him, he was greatly saddened by the event.

Convinced that the “Salamander” is Igneel, Natsu and Happy travel to Hargeon by train.

Through his antics, Natsu saves a traveling Mage, Lucy Heartfilia, from the influence of "Salamander's" illegal Charm Magic, which he used to infatuate the crowd of girls.

Out of appreciation, Lucy buys a meal for him and Happy, and the duo listen to Lucy talk about her dream: to be able to join a guild. Later that night, when Natsu overhears a conversation that “Salamander” is supposedly a member of Fairy Tail, he instantly becomes suspicious and crashes the party on the Mage’s ship.

Lucy summons Plue, The Canis Minor, and forms a contract with him.

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