Dating a mountain biker

30-Aug-2017 14:32

There's lots of kick ass riding ladies where I live now too, (including my wife and more and more my oldest daughter).I read Lee Lau's piece a few months back that said 45% of Squamish riders are women, so guys are nearly matched for ladies in the riding world here. Currently saving every penny she can for a new bike. I married one also, last weekend I had to work she went to the bike park, she is getteing her mother into DH, she got home after I was allready in bed telling me how great her day was, how many squids she took out and jumps that she cleared.I girlfriend is kind of like a bike; it uses all your money, you spend the majority of your time waiting for the next ride, when you go for a ride even if it sucks its still really fun, you constantly need to buy new stuff for it, and you brag about it to your friends What happened then?

@WAKIdesigns I quite sure you're wrong about your social construct.

My main point was that as much as MTB grows commercially it also pushes away women and people more prone to fear by stigmatizing it as an extreme sport.

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