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Constitutionally, the Provinces and Territories have prime jurisdiction for foods manufactured and sold within their province/territory.However, given that the often consults with its provincial and territorial counterparts as part of the design and development of risk management strategies.will develop risk management options which may include inspection and sampling strategies and development of policies, procedures, and standards.The effectiveness of the risk management options will be assessed and the activities will be redesigned or retired as required.The Imported and Manufactured Food Program follows this model to develop risk management options. In this phase the 's Science Committee conducts environmental scans, identifies and prioritizes food safety issues, identifies research needs, and recommends risk management options.Risk is also identified through other means such as field issues, international referrals, complaints, and intergovernmental initiatives. In the phase, the reviews the effectiveness of the risk management option and re-designs the Program based on the results of Phase 3. This phase includes ongoing monitoring and hibernation of the risk management option.In carrying out its mandate, it provides all federal inspection services related to food safety, economic fraud, trade-related requirements, and animal and plant health programs.

When sold inter-provincially or imported, products such as, meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, honey, maple syrup and processed fruits and vegetables are regulated by federal trade and commerce Acts.

The current version of the manual is focussed on food safety inspections.

Work is underway to add information on labelling, composition and retail food inspections to the manual.

This includes domestic manufacturers, importers, and distributors as well as retailers who manufacture/package foods on-site.

The program is based upon the safety, nutrition, composition and labelling provisions of the federal This image describes the key activities under the seven phases of the Risk Pathway Decision Model.

Users of this manual should be aware that it has no precedence over any federal regulations.