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El propsito de Un Curso De Milagros Internacional es ofrecer y facilitar a este mundo El Programa de Entrenamiento Mental UN CURSO DE MILAGROS.Whoever you think you are, wherever you appear to be in the desperate sea of chaos that is this world, let the breath of this timeless Voice of Enlightened Mind rekindle in you the ancient memory of your own perfect reality.

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Thank you for joining in this Advent of a Great Awakening!We are "A Comm UNITY of Love in Action" with daily ACIM study groups.As a Faith based organization, our Ministry is founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, a 12-Step Program based on Alcoholics Anonymous and A Course in Miracles.MPM provides inmates, families, communities, institutions & their staff with written literature, audio/visual tapes and CD's, as well as, on-site individualized self-help training programs.

The purpose of The Miracle Response is to help others find the means to access a higher means of Communication.A journal of Full Endeavor, Joyful Adventure and Daily Experience on my Journey of Awakening and Spiritual Enlightenment. This Forum will be open for all who walk the Path of CRS provides counseling, energy healing, and guided meditations based on A Course in Miracles.Here, through ACIM study, we recognize that salvation occurs when one person meets another, meaning if you can save another person by seeing his truth, and realizing you and he are one being, then both of you will be healed, saved.The mission of the Catherine Blount Foundation is to facilitate the demonstration and teaching of the healing power of forgiveness so individuals, groups, and governments can attain the change of perception that will allow them to heal old hurts and injustices and find peace.