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Greg, I wonder what distinguishes a friendship that lasts from one that becomes strained?The research pointed to an answer (the importance of parallel intentions) but there's always more to know. I was the type of person who always said "Dont mix love and friendship".What is interesting is that some men and women have friendships that are so solid that activities that can ruin a dating relationship don’t injure the friendship. is the author of the recently released, COMMIT TO WIN: How to Harness the Four Elements of Commitment to Reach Your Goals (Hudson Street Press), available on Amazon and wherever books are sold. One friendship has lasted 25 years, the other 20 years.We tend to assume that sex outside the context of a romantic relationship is always bad; that it will always lead to discomfort, to feelings of “going too fast,” or to someone feeling used. To my mind, just because the romantic aspect does not work, doesn't mean the relationships are not of value outside that narrow romantic dimension. While I've never taken it lightly, I have, in my single days, slept with a couple of friends.However, even relatively new acquaintances can treat each other with respect.

These relationships can add a lot of value to people's lives, like Mary said.Indeed, that often is the case in fresh relationships or one-night stands. Friends who are clear about their intentions don’t always act like awkward daters who come to realize it was a mistake to have sex too soon. Because friends know who they’re dealing with, and they have a foundation of trust. Based on the story of Paula and Trey and the research findings of Afifi and Faulkner, I am more open to the possibility that sexual attraction doesn’t always “ruin” a friendship. In both cases, it was not a "hook-up" the evolved into a friendship.Instead, they were friendships that evolved to include sex.It wasn’t until Trey moved an hour out of town and Paula came to visit (after an emotional break-up with her fiancé) that anything happened. Nothing mind-blowing or life changing, but certainly nice. When I first heard this story, I thought that Paula and Trey were incredibly lucky.