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Cross-Wind gearing increased the speed of oscillation or movement of the spool in and out to criss-cross the fishing line on the spool.Although this reduced the amount of line; it limited the risk of line binding.Special celebratory reels made by Mitchell to commemorate the anniversary of The Mitchell Reel or in some cases, the anniversary of a specific reel.Due to many factors such as loss of all old records; we find that even as of today very few of these are correct but still highly prized collectables.There was also a second release of the 314 with only BHV inscribed. Known as the 1000 series, the first three issues – 1040 (4/0), 1060 (6/0) and the 1090 (9/0) were offered in a wood display case.These were sold in both European markets and by Garcia starting in the late sixties.In 1977 Mitchell introduced the 1120 (12/0) that was only distributed in Europe.The 1000 series of big game reels were not made to compete with Penn as some believe, but to compete with the Californian brand also made of anodized aluminium side plates.

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Visit our The letter "A" Suffix after model numbers on some Mitchell spinning reels marks the transitional period away from Garcia’s involvement with Mitchell along with other transitions to the looks and mechanics of these same reels.

(Updated October 5th, 2008 by JP Gumprich)The Black Fish reels were made by Mitchell for discount stores and only sold in France.

These reels have a Blackfish Sticker followed by B10, B20, B30, B40 and B50.

There is insurmountable evidence that the first release did not come in a box and was given to select vendors by Garcia as a test market in the late fifties. In 1971 Mitchell was celebrating 20 million reels being sold.

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Balzer of Germany helped celebrate this event by advertising and selling the first “Dual” series.

These were less expensive copies of the Mitchell 320, 324, 300, 316 and 386 series reels sold in the seventies.

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