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Known as the Transylvania Purchase, the sale was voided by the Virginia General Assembly, since the territory (and the sole right to purchase land from Indians within its bounds) was part of Virginia's royal charter.

However, the commonwealth granted Henderson and his company an area of 200,000 acres (810 km) to develop.

The "great sleet" of 1901 fell for three weeks in February.

On March 17, 1775, North Carolina judge Richard Henderson and his Transylvania Company had met with 1,200 Cherokee in a council at Sycamore Shoals (present-day Elizabethton, Tennessee) to purchase over 17,000,000 acres (69,000 km) of land between the Ohio, Cumberland, and Kentucky rivers in present-day Kentucky and Tennessee to resell it to white settlers.It was located at the confluence of the Green and Ohio rivers.Henderson hired Daniel Boone to survey the country and select favorable sites, but Henderson died before the town was developed.The Henderson Daily Gleaner reported that "boys were playing baseball every day in the middle of the old riverbed." All businesses were challenged and forced to close.

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