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18-Dec-2017 15:26

Another method of dating petroglyphs is by determining the age of the desert varnish glaze on the rock surface.According to the experts at Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico, most petroglyphs date from AD 1300-1650, although some may be as much as 3,000 years old.Some scholars believe that they convey important information regarding village boundaries, farming field ownership, and other basic messages...Other scholars argue that they are symbols that were pecked or carved into rock faces during important rituals.

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Archeoastronomers have also found that a number of the rock images are celestial in nature, indicating solstices and planetary movements, and certain sites have been found to be astronomical observatories similar in function to Stonehenge.

, speculated that certain images are pictures of extraterrestrial visitors.

Petroglyphs in Wyoming's Legend Rock have been dated to at least 5,700 years of age.

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Petroglyphs are associated primarily with the Puebloan cultures of both the present and the past, including an ancient people known as the Anasazi, credited with building the immense cliff-dwellings which pepper the Southwestern landscape.

The clues leave us mystified about how they saw their place in the universe, explained the origins of the tribe, chose their village sites in the desert, regarded the epics of their past, commemorated the lives of their ancestors, overcame their anxieties about survival, sought spiritual help for their injured and sick, or petitioned their deities for supernatural intervention and sustenance.

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