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14-Nov-2017 15:06

You may send JSON with the message data and then on the client side use a templating engine like Handlebars.

In this demo, however, let’s send HTML markup from the callback, but I’d like to make our chat behave like Slack.

Before proceeding, install Redis on your machine if you do not already have it.

Redis is available for nix, via Homebrew and for Windows, as well. This should be done only if you are using Turbolinks 5 that supports this new event.

But underneath, Time class stores integer numbers, which presents the seconds intervals since the Epoch. Secondly, the time zone is limited to UTC and the system’s local time zone in Rails provide a really good time class called Active Support:: Time With Zone.

It contains all the features the Time class have, plus many improvements, such as the support for configurable time zones.

You might think about usng jquery-turbolinks to bring the default j Query events back, but unfortunately it is not compatible with Turbolinks 5.

The logic of the script is pretty simple: check if there is a function to broadcast the new message to all visitors of the chat room.

Our next task will be to introduce a channel on our server. There are multiple ways to broadcast the received message, but I am going to show you a very neat solution based on the demo provided by DHH (I’ve also found this article with a slightly different approach).First of all, modify the Once we receive a message, save it to the database.You don’t even need to check whether the provided chat room exists – by default, in Rails 5, a record’s parent must exist in order to save it.One thing worth to know is that, Rails will always convert time zone to UTC before it writes to or reads from the database, no matter what time zone you set in the configuration file.

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You can use Youe can find more about formating the time and the details about format directives at Ruby’s Time document.

The working demo is available at sitepoint-actioncable. Support for Action Cable was added only in Rails 5, so you will have to use this version (currently 5.0.0.rc1 is the latest one): .