Dating sites for people with no children

14-Oct-2017 23:18

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By the way, thanks for putting yourself on the line with this one – a lot of readers can identify with you.Evan I just thought I would weigh in from the woman’s perspective.This brings up a larger point that I’ve wanted to make for a long time: People who are not “mainstream” have some very tough choices to make in dating.These choices mainly apply to two sets of people: You’re in a minority in your preferences if you were into BDSM, or were an animal activist, or gave half your earnings to the Pentecostal Church.My problem with that option is that it also returns a greatly reduced number of profiles.I know you don’t have a magic wand, so I just have to play the hand I’ve been dealt.Just know that the only options you have are to date women in their 30’s who state that they don’t want kids, to date women who are in their 40’s who may be cool with the idea of not having kids, or wait for women in their 50’s whose kids are already grown.

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Act with integrity and his pool of dateable women diminishes considerably.

Steve’s a perfect example of a kind, relationship-oriented guy, who is extremely conscientious about the potential damage of two partners having different long-term goals.

Of course, he’s more worried about getting hurt than he is about hurting the woman, but we’ll leave that aside.

I’m willing to take a risk by contacting women who list that they are “not sure” about wanting children.

I’m wondering if there are other types of women worth taking a risk on.

There’s no judgment against minorities, but we must acknowledge that if you insist that your partner also have your non-mainstream preference, there are going to be far fewer singles from which to choose.

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