Dating transition couple

29-Sep-2017 09:40

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There might be a relatively easy solution to the things you are struggling with, and as your baby gets older you will have time to yourselves again.In the meantime, tackle the wonderful albeit sleep-deprived adventure of parenting a newborn together, and enjoy it!

“I was cutting myself.” Neither Teegan or Corbin provided their last name or ages.

Most of us have roughly nine months to prepare for life with a baby – to think about how we will organize our lives, and what kind of parent we want to be.

Yet, many couples still struggle making the big transition, and especially wonder how to give new meaning to their role as a partner, as well as a parent.

The couple said they addressed their transition publicly to advocate for transgender people.

“If we’re insivible, then we can’t explain and tell people we’re OK,” Teegan said.

Sexual interest may no longer be present; however, the emotional connection with the former lover can feel threatening to the new partner.

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