Dating violence in asia

03-Nov-2017 06:10

Two recent population-based studies conducted by the United Nations across nine Asia-Pacific countries found that between 26% and 80% of men disclosed having perpetrated physical or sexual intimate partner violence. In a US community sample of unmarried men, 25% reported having perpetrated at least one act of attempted or completed rape since the age of 14.

The perpetrating parent is often not held to account for their behaviour.

In Australia, 95% of all victims of violence (both males and females) experienced violence from a male perpetrator.

This includes physical or sexual assault, or threats.

Socially constructed gender roles, relationships and identities support these inequalities.

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Inequality, and the elements supporting it, are key to understanding violence against women – both within and outside the home.Increasingly, there has been a misunderstanding that domestic violence is perpetrated by both men and women equally.Intimate partner violence is still not well understood.These attitudes in effect allow violence to continue to exist in the community.