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17-Feb-2017 16:15

You can use this form to report problematic or annoying ads.If you are still on the page where the annoying ad was (or still is) displayed, then proceed to fill out this form.I have ADHD also, so natataranta talaga ako," he said.Back in 2011, Casino was among the young actors ABS-CBN was building up.During a promotional stint for a TV5 show, Albie commented on the never-ending controversy about his alleged lovechild with Andi: “From the start, there was always me and Jake Ejercito [Andi’s former boyfriend].Andi has her siblings and a few friends that love her without judgment, but she should also try to simplify her life, love herself, eliminate whoever is causing her stress, get serious about love and life.

Marge and Ruth became fast friends; so did Laura and Bart.

Sure, the numbers are in their favor: A survey by NYC’s Economic Research and Analysis group found that young single women in Manhattan outnumber single men nearly 2 to 1 — and it’s pressuring NYC’s most eligible bachelors to be on the prowl, even if it’s not what they really want.