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They say, 'They're a rock band.' Well, they used to have guitars 10 years ago, but I don't hear it.

They were the first publication to ever put us on the cover in America. This opportunity came up and we thought this would be a great place to bring [guitarist] Dave [Baksh] back and bring DMC with us, just have fun with it.

We didn't have any rehearsal for it, we just sort of talked about, went out there and winged it.

DMC isn't on the new record, that's all us, but we've talked about doing a song with him.

I went through my own steps and did my own thing to get to where you'd get to in a 12-step program. When I write, it's about whatever's going on in my head at that time.

He told The Toronto Sun: 'At that point when I was in the hospital, they were saying one more drink would kill me at that point or give me cirrhosis or something.

They didn't even know how bad it was going to be.'It's just sort of learning how to be me without it,' he said.

'I didn't really know who that person was because I'd never met that person yet.

' They're like, 'It's not a guitar, it's a keyboard that kind of sounds like a guitar,' but I don't know if it's a rock band.In one, you sing, "Not enough to take the pain away / They say believing is the hardest part." Is that about your recovery? It is about that kind of thing but I never went to a 12-step program. Once that happens, we won't fully have control over when the record is going to come out. I went through my own program which is probably the same sort of feeling. The DMC collaboration was really great and unexpected. We've crossed paths before and we've met once or twice in the past but it really just came together on this. We reached out and we didn't really hear anything back for a little while.

It took some time to get to him and then get back to us that he was interested so it came up closer to the actual performance than we would've liked. We jumped on the phone and started talking about what we could do and it happened.At its core, his story is an inspirational one, and as Sum 41 gears up for its next release, Whibley really wants to talk about it. WHIBLEY: We're on the last home-stretch of the record. It's been about a year [since we started working on it]. On our last record [2011's ], being on a major label in a time where most music is just pop when I want to make a rock record, you have people to argue with about why they think you should be making a pop record, ruining your career, trying to convince you of that.We caught up with the frontman to discuss the future of his band, their first album in five years, touring plans and more. There have been some months off because we had to do shows, some things here and there. I have to say, 'No, wrong, and I'm going to do this anyway.' And they say, 'Fine, you can do that but we're not going to put any money into it,' and I say, 'Okay, fine.' It's that kind of shit. When that last record was done, and I really love that record but it was record that was put out and didn't have any promo because it's a rock record. The pop-punk icon battled alcoholism, went to rehab in 2014 and is in recovery. The difference is that you don't have people to argue with as much.