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16-Apr-2017 06:35

SUEPO Treasurer, Malika Weaver has been downgraded.The charges of which Merpel has been aware (see her post here) seemed tenuous to the point of being trumped up, and in all three cases the sanction imposed has been more than was recommended by the Disciplinary Committee: in the case of Elizabeth Hardon, there has been imposed a pension sanction not suggested by the Disciplinary Committee, in the case of Ion Brumme downgrading rather than firing was suggested, and in the case of Malika Weaver the Disciplinary Committee recommended suspension of career advancement, not downgrading.” A lot of comments are being posted there right now.In the meantime, examiners and applicants suffer.” If the EPO’s management or Team Battistelli thinks it’ll shut up critics by firing representatives, then it’s very wrong. “It appears that the reputation of the EPO, and the AC, is being dragged through the mud,” this one comment said.We urged people to contact their delegates and we have published contact details.Quite frankly, I am disgusted that applicant’s money is being wasted on this whole sham – and that waste is made even worse by the fact that the President did not even follow the DC’s recommendations!I predict that the absence of respect for democracy and the rule of law that is so evident from recent events at the EPO will have profoundly unpleasant consequences.One person wrote: “A communiqué of the president has just been issued internally. What a nice piece of Stalinist propaganda.” Yes, this follows a lot of what we saw before. We should start a “petition” asking for his firing from EPO. (except EPO apparently)” On Battistelli one person remarked: “Yes, I did like the President’s puff-piece. Very sad day for the Office, an Office for which I used to proud to work, but no longer.

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SUEPO wrote this afternoon that “IPKAT reports on the outcome of the disciplinary procedures against three staff representatives/union officials.” Here is what Merpel wrote: “With a heavy heart, Merpel reports that she has just learned that Mr Battistelli, President of the EPO, has just fired the current chair of SUEPO, Elizabeth Hardon, and an ex-chairman, Ion Brumme.EPO whistleblowers are advised not to use something like GMail unless they do so over Tor.We never compromised any of our sources in nearly 10 years and we wish to keep it that way.” I contacted John Alty and his colleagues regarding abuse from Battistelli and his EPO thugs against myself. Another person asked: “Where was the voice of the delegates from the UK? They surely cannot claim to have been unaware of the serious grounds for concern.

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