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23-Mar-2017 20:23

OK, yes, he hangs out with celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and George Clooney and is married to a movie star (that would be Emily Blunt, of course)—but he's still the down-home, charming guy fans fell in love with on (which he directs and stars in), he still manages to have the energy of a 5-year-old opening birthday presents.

Although if you worked as hard as Krasinski did to get this film made, you'd be bouncing off the walls that the big moment was finally here too.

You see, the 36-year-old was attached to star in the dramedy over five years ago—but because it was a small indie film, the financier at the time couldn't get the movie made.

Four years went by and "because the script was is one of the most touching films of the year, a welcome departure from a summer of sequels and superheroes.

They have every right to be in this business, but they just need to know how difficult it is and how hard you have to work, rather than anything being given to you.

[ clocked in at an hour and 30 minutes made my day. "John: Yeah, I always try—whether it’s acting or directing—to make the most honest film [I] can. You try to tell them a story, and whether they laugh or cry is up to them.There’s a lot of family movies out there, and I don’t love a lot of them because I feel a little manipulated.For me, it's about being as true and honest as I can and doing the best work [possible].Glamour: Of all the many complex relationships in the film, which one did you most relate to?

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John: Probably my relationship with the mother [played by Margo Martindale].

Glamour: A year ago, I interviewed you and your wife, and I asked you to tell me who's the most kick-ass female character in movies today. I really like that." I was struck by that, because you were the first actor that actually said, "I love that kind of question." Since you are now the only guy in a house full of girls, what would you want your daughters to know when they grow up, whether they go into this business or not? So, yes, the discussions about the bigger issues are so important, but for them…it shouldn’t matter at all because I’ll support them in whatever they want to do.