Error updating windows defender online dating lawsuits

21-Oct-2017 21:32

For more information on events and errors related to SENSE, see Review events and errors on endpoints with Event viewer.You can use Microsoft Intune to check error codes and attempt to troubleshoot the cause of the issue.There are additional components on the endpoint that the Windows Defender ATP agent depends on to function properly.If there are no onboarding related errors in the Windows Defender ATP agent event log, proceed with the following steps to ensure that the additional components are configured correctly.For more information, see Troubleshoot onboarding when deploying with a script on the endpoint.If the script completes successfully, see Troubleshoot onboarding issues on the endpoint for additional errors that might occur.The script failed to find it after several seconds.You can manually test it and check if it's there.

You need to enable the Windows Defender Antivirus ELAM driver, see Ensure that Windows Defender Antivirus is not disabled by a policy for instructions.

Possible cause: Attempt to deploy Windows Defender ATP on non-supported SKU/Platform, particularly Holographic SKU.

Currently is supported platforms: Enterprise, Education, and Professional. Possible cause: Check that user passed OOBE after Windows installation or upgrade.

If the endpoints aren't reporting correctly, you might need to check that the Windows 10 diagnostic data service is set to automatically start and is running on the endpoint.

The service might have been disabled by other programs or user configuration changes.When onboarding endpoints using the following versions of System Center Configuration Manager: Deployment with the above-mentioned versions of System Center Configuration Manager is done by running the onboarding script on the endpoints.You can track the deployment in the Configuration Manager Console.Possible cause: Windows Defender ATP Policy registry key does not exist or the OMA DM client doesn't have permissions to write to it.