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He travels across the nation and elsewhere to speak on these subjects.

Paul also heads up the Mount St Helens Creation Center in the state of Washington.

Sound biblical messages and heartwarming hymns have become favorites with our From “All the Kings Horses” to “World without End,” Craig Mattson provides entertaining anecdotes and explanations of everything from the meanings behind commonly used phrases to the answers to confusing capitalization. Ken Ham focuses particularly on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis, as it is the most-attacked book of the Bible.

The Answers in Genesis ministry is dedicated to enabling Christians to defend their faith and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively.

The phone can provide them with all the information they need, but they still have to deal with the immense practical problems involved in getting from medieval to modern technology.

It would still take decades to get 14th century England from church bells to digital clocks, even with an internet connection to the present day, and the full resources of the kingdom at your disposal.

By contrast, works in this subgenre typically go into great details about the new technologies being introduced to the past, and their social impact, as well as addressing all the problems that would realistically crop up.

If the stranded party has a phone to a high-tech society, whether in the future or on another world, this trope can still apply.

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You may need to go through a few intermediate stages, replicating the history of technology on fast forward, but you know exactly what needs doing. There are two types of time travelers who try this stunt - the unwilling ones, Trapped in the Past with just the right skills needed to jump start the industrial revolution, and the reckless ones who don't care about paradoxes, they just want to rewrite history for the better. Even optimistic heroes will expect to take a few years to get the desired results. The hero can't leap straight to modern technology; they have to get the past society to go through all the intermediate steps first, or they won't have the necessary tools to make the tools to do the job.

Veteran co-hosts program takes the listener through the entire Bible in just five years, threading back and forth between the Old and New Testaments.