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03-Feb-2017 07:09

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A trial is currently ongoing and, if successful, it could roll out across the country.

Over at Mastercard, the company has just released a card that has a small LCD screen which displays a one-time code which the customer can use to make an online purchase.

Some 40 years after the humble magnetic strip changed banking forever, a new high-tech credit card is heralding another revolution in personal finance.

Credit card companies are developing a range of cards that can talk to their owners. later this year, will have wafer-thin microprocessors and will run on batteries that last up to three years.

When he walked in, his wife asked why he looked so glum.

He explained he couldn't get the adhesive to stick, so she tried her iron.

You still have to report the fraud to your card issuer.

A fraudulent charge is typically credited back to the consumer's account after a fraud report is made.

That's because consumers are protected from the fraudulent use of a credit card.He says he hasn't been able to get through Target's call center.The software installed on 40,000 machines across Target's 1,797 stores read the information on a card's magnetic strip -including account number, sort code and CCV code - when it was swiped through the machine.This holiday season, Target added other incentives to use its cards. If they lose that trust, that person goes to Wal-Mart.'Target said it had alerted authorities and financial institutions immediately after it was made aware of the unauthorized access and that it was "putting all appropriate resources behind these efforts."The shares, which have risen 7.4 percent this year, closed at .55 on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday.