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But the fact that they have a native speaker present only in a complimentary role, while a non-native English speaker with horrid pronunciation does most of the talking is just baffling to me.

It makes no sense and reduces the overall quality of the course.

“In the United States, every four minutes a woman is beaten by her spouse or partner so badly that she needs to go to the emergency room. “I prayed and asked the Lord to show me if Islam was wrong. They simply gave me some books and told me they would answer any questions I had.”“There was no go-between, no priest.

In the UK, the same thing happens every two minutes. I went back to the Islamic Center the very next day and guess what?

”Khadija’s 18-year-old son, however, became a Muslim. He was into music and dating and was not ready for any kind of religion.

I used to leave books for him to read, but I found them untouched.

He always carried a plastic bag from which he distributed coins to the beggars in the street. In the same classroom was a Filipina, who had been in Saudi Arabia and had converted to Islam. ”The Filipina told Khadija about the beauty of Islam and how it was a liberator of women and a protector of women’s rights.

Khadija realized that women were actually more abused in the West. The Filipina suggested that Khadija visit the Islamic Center. As a missionary, I was familiar with many evangelical strategies and methods. There was no harassment, no psychological manipulation and no subliminal suggestion.

My children who were good Christians because I had worked hard on them, had emergency meeting on how to bring mom back to her senses!Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.But I prayed a lot for him – and all my children – to become Muslim.

Later, when he converted to Islam, he confessed that he had read all the books and kept me from knowing. When he came back, he told me excitedly, ‘Mom, you will love Saudi Arabia. ” Khadija said, resorting to her wonderful sense of humour. ” After many hours of reading and over 15 discussions, Khadija was convinced of the authenticity of the Holy Quran.“The Bible has more than 66 books, 40 authors and was written in several different languages.Tour your eyes in a deep sea of horny breasts with perfectly located erect nipples.