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22-Jun-2017 00:29

British punk con artist Sarah Manning sees an identical woman, Beth Childs, kill herself by jumping in front of a train.

Sarah retrieves Beth's bag, and finding that she is well off, decides to take her place and clean out Beth's bank account so she (Sarah) can collect her daughter Kira from her foster mother, Siobhan Sadler, whom Sarah calls Mrs. Sarah asks her foster brother Felix Dawkins to identify Beth's body as Sarah's to buy time for her scheme, and throw her drug-dealer boyfriend Victor Schmidt off her trail.

Sarah and Art continue looking for the killer, while Sarah tries to cover up that both killer and victim are her sister clones.

The police believe that the killer is a fundamentalist Christian, while Cosima deduces that the group affiliated with Helena believes the clones are abominations and must be killed.

After waking up from a supposed dream where she was experimented on, Sarah spits out an electrode from her mouth.

The clones soon learn that they have monitors, people in their lives whose purpose it is to observe them.

Paranoid, Alison ties him up, while also handling a neighborhood house party.

Sarah impersonates Alison to question Donnie, who says he was covering up letters from a girl he dated when he and Alison were broken up.

Beth's police partner Arthur Bell ("Art") follows "Beth," and breaks into her car, taking the ,000.

When Sarah asks Paul why he is monitoring her, Paul admits that he does not know.

Alison purchases a nanny cam and finds that Donnie snuck out during the middle of the night.

Sarah suspects Beth's boyfriend Paul Dierden of being her monitor, while Alison suspects her husband Donnie.

Meanwhile, Vic comes across a chance meeting with Alison, and discovers that Sarah faked her death.

Sarah goes to the police station to ask Art for the money back, only to be reinstated as a police detective and drafted to cover Katja's murder.

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