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14-Aug-2017 14:07

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Elen is a pretty go up futa she hacks the girls computer and her dick like a MONSTER one too like Chie's they also had 2 peal the forskin back of elens.

Enjoyment: again like the other one the sex was good there really wasnt any comedy from this one has a tiny bit in the other but lets get into whats bad.

It features a rather forced sex competition between the club and the foreign girl, a few strange gadgets to support it and some rather odd sex acts (especially the one featuring the foreign girl's foreskin).

Not everything might be everyone's taste (I for one didn't care much for Akane's "toy"), but it sure manages to set itself apart quite a bit.

Aya is pretty much the same shes pretty much a club member and is just there honestly nothing else too say.

Mao is the other girl with a MONSTER dick and is also the club president shes pretty shy aswell about it.

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I won't say what but it is different from a lot of things. If it could i would imagine it would cost a good couple thousand. Slight blurs i guess our blockers but they seem fixable with a right pair of glasses.Character: Akane is the only girl in the futa club who well isnt a futa she a pretty (in my mind) a willing person so have sex with them.Sumika honestly nothing i can really say about just that shes the vice president of the club well actually that she has a MONSTER size dick.It is indeed more of the same and whether you like it mostly depends on whether you liked the first part.

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