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21-Jan-2017 23:56

The self-esteem of the sociopath is poorly regulated because the sociopath acts to protect and sustain an inflated, but ultimately fragile and unstable sense of self.

Emotion regulation is compromised by difficulties in experiencing, processing and moderating certain feelings, most especially anger, shame and envy.

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In one anonymous email she claimed that Sally’s mother-in-law and confidante had, at 17 years of age, given up her first born child for adoption because she didn’t want to put an end to her hedonistic lifestyle!

Unlike male sociopaths, sociopath women are not particularly characterised by superficial charm and a grandiose self-image. However like her male counterpart, the sociopathic woman’s response to other people is characterised by a persistent lack of empathy, care, and commitment.

Sociopath women are less likely to physically leave or move on from relationships (e.g.

The sociopathic woman may opt to manipulate social networks, for instance, in an attempt to exclude their chosen target from a community.

Alternatively, her ploy may take the form of threats of self-injury, with consequences for family and friends.

As well as being responsible for over half of all serious crime they cause considerable devastation in the form of physical, psychological and financial damage for people who have been exposed to them.

What is a Sociopath. A sociopath will make cutting remarks over and over so that even. One year later I found out that she was still dating another guy.… continue reading »

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