Going through a dating dry spell

27-Aug-2017 13:22

Remember, in the end your sex life can only be as strong as the relationship that supports it, and so if you’re stuck in slump it probably means you’re stuck in other aspects of your relationship too.

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You’ve just got to keep yourself occupied with things that have no relation to guys.

All the time you spend absorbed in pre-sex, sex and post-sex activities (and all the wasteful analysis in between) often means a dusty, book-marked novel not touched since flip-flop weather. Start pummeling your way through the classics like you once did the Kama Sutra. But never, ever underestimate the confidence boosting power of setting a fitness goal and meeting it. Waltz past those First Response kits and roll your eyes at all the condoms. Think about all the things you loved before adulthood molded you into a viable candidate for a big-person job. Instead of viewing a night out with the girls as a "ugh—another night out drinking beer with the hens" view it as a way to absorb as much lady time as possible.

Believe it or not, chasing tail and trying to pin one down distracts from that ever-expanding reading list. Nobody is seeing you naked so order an extra guacamole dip and lustfully triple-dip those tortilla chips. Rather it's to do something nice for yourself and accomplish a goal you've always talked about but never gotten around to. Oh, and bikini season is rapidly approaching so an added bonus, of course, will be feeling sexy in your swimwear. Significant others, even if they're casual, can be major time-suckers.

Sure, not every girl is a huge fan of shopping, but even girls on a strict budget might feel tempted to duck into the mall when they’re caught in a dry spell.

There’s just something about buying clothes that look great on you for no other reason than to make yourself happy that makes you forget all about guys for a little while.So why not hit the mall some time and just treat yourself?Everyone knows that Ben and Jerry’s is a girl’s best friend.Every girl goes through a dry spell at some point in her life.

Jan 27, 2017. Every girl goes through a dry spell at some point in her life. Maybe your. This is a classic coping technique for getting through a long dry spell. Sure, not every girl is. So if your latest attempt at a date was a complete flop, you'll want to call your girls immediately and spend a whole night gossiping about it.… continue reading »

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Aug 20, 2016. Why Men Who Have Had A Sexual 'Dry Spell' Are Better, As Told By A Guy. By Shaun Brown. Some guys might have no choice but to go “dry” for a while, because the stars just don't align. Others might just. Here are five ways things change in your favor after you've gone through a drought, so to speak.… continue reading »

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Apr 26, 2016. Going cold turkey blows. Just writing this article makes me want to host a funeral for my vajayjay. It's freaking sad. But one day I know I'll be able to get down and dirty once again. Until then, I leave you with all the painfully inappropriate thoughts I've had while going through a sexual dry spell. Error loading.… continue reading »

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Mar 19, 2015. I date. A lot. At least once a week. I make it a habit, even when I'm not in the mood. I just seem to be connecting with fewer men where the vibe is mutual, and even. Rather than drop my standards and just go sit on some dong, like I'm plugging my nose to take my medicine, I'm weathering this dry spell by.… continue reading »

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Mar 24, 2014. But it's good to know if you're currently in the midst of a sexual drought. Everyone suffers through dry spells from time to time — and sometimes, for a looooong time. You're not a freak; you're in the middle of one of the many peaks and valleys that make up a regular dating life, and what you're going through.… continue reading »

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