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The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) is the peak body for Muslim organizations in Victoria.

Among the ICV’s many aims is the promotion of understanding, co-operation, tolerance and respect between all faiths.

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AIS launched its new office with a formal ceremony on 3 April 2012.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia, sought proposals from various institutions to establish and maintain the Regional Interfaith Website and subsequently awarded the project to the following consortium: Formerly known as the World Conference of Religions for Peace (Australia) is Australia’s largest community based organization working for inter-religious harmony and social cohesion.

Founded in 2000 as an educational and cultural non-profit organization with a mission to promote understanding and respect among the world’s religious and spiritual communities.

Australian Partnership of Religious Organisations (APRO) The Australian Partnership of Religious Organisations (APRO) is a peak-of-peak body that was established in 2003.

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It is unique in that it comprises representatives of major faith bodies as well as national-level multicultural community organisations.We bring together representatives from all the major faith traditions to work together in addressing climate change.We recognise that climate change is not only a scientific, environmental, economic and political issue – it is also a profoundly moral and spiritual one: the Earth’s ecosystems are intrinsically precious and beautiful and deserve protection; the wellbeing of human beings is dependent on ecological flourishing; and it is the vulnerable people of the world who are most impacted by climate change.APRO is a practical example of how successfully faith and ethnic communities can work collaboratively in Australia.