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15-Jul-2017 06:59

This phenomena will continue until you directly address the situation.

Ever got the feeling you knew something that you had no memory of learning?

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They've put in the time and effort to learn and understand as much of the world as possible, something that requires an open mind.

We've all seen this in movies, but that doesn't make it untrue.

Electronics turning on and off, volumes going out of wack or televisions sets get static and change channels.

I choose to believe that a deceased person has the ability to come back to Earth without taking a physical form.

They do this for a lot of reasons but the basic idea behind most of these ideas is that they are attempting to pass along a message.

The intimidating part of this is that these people aren't afraid to tell you that.

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Can't figure out why men won't ask you out? Find out the signs men are intimidated by you. Some guys just don't know what to do with strong, amazing women.… continue reading »

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