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I didn't see any chemistry between him and Jang Na Ra when I watch One More Happy Ending! The only actor that suits my taste for Jang Na Ra is Jang Hyuk her costar in Bright Girl and in Fated To Love You, she had a spark chemistry with this actor, just not with Jung Kyung Ho.

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Yes, Kim So Yeon is a bit older than Jung Kyung Ho oppa, she was born 1980 while oppa was born 1983. Btw I started paying attention to him during "Falling for Innocence" and found him really funny.

If korea will create a season 2 of Descendants of the sun, and the Song Song couple won't do it, Jung Kyung Ho and Kim So Yeon can be their replacement hehehe lol! Thankyou Mr Jung, I saw beating again drama and just fell in love all over again. waiting for the next masterpiece you oppa Only saw him in I'm Sorry I Love You as Yoon. Really nice at conveying the emotions of his character though being a rookie actor at that time.

Update 5/1 YG changed a few of the girls' stage names. Kong Min Ji is going by Minzy and Sandara Park is going by Dara. All four of them will be on one.… continue reading »

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KyungHo_lover Jan 19 2018 am I have always loved you Jung Kyung ho. His works from I am sorry I love u to his latest drama prison playbook.… continue reading »

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