Is mandating employees to work safe

13-Jan-2017 03:04

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Nurses have every right to refuse overtime and cannot be punished in any way for doing so.Exceptions exist for true emergency situations, including when nurses are participating in surgical procedures.For LPNs, mandatory overtime is a violation of state regulation, except in the case of unforeseen staffing shortages where patient’s safety is put at risk.Prior to mandating an LPN works overtime, the facility must make a “reasonable effort” to find additional staffing some other way. No medical facility can require RNs, LPNs or licensed nursing assistants work shifts longer than 12 consecutive hours.

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An exception exists for emergency situations in which a patient’s safety is in jeopardy and no reasonable alternative can be found. Employers are prohibited from taking any action against a nurse who refuses to work beyond a “normal work period.” Normal work period is defined as 12 or less consecutive hours in accordance with a predetermined shift schedule.

Not only does mandatory overtime exploit nurses, it threatens patient safety.

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