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They spend a lot of time in their rooms in the sky -- two Rapunzels of sorts entertaining themselves behind closed doors -- because it's really, really hard to go out.

"There are like 15 different exits in this place," observes Kristen of the tactics she and the rest of thecast use to avoid the paparazzi.

The planes of his face work beautifully in 3-D, 2-D, probably 1-D too.

But in person, he doesn't have a whole lot of game. (During the interview, he refers to himself as an idiot a half dozen times.) He also maintains, in all seriousness, that he's never broken up with a girl; they've always broken up with him. idiot.'"In the corner of Rob's hotel room sits a stack of boxes.

“They were trying things on, making suggestions to one another, and he seemed to be really having a good time,” says the source.

“He looks like he’s really in love.” RELATED: 5 Things to Know About Robert Pattinson’s New Gal Pal, FKA twigs And eager for an outfit do-over: At one point, Pattinson swapped out his bomber jacket and beanie for a newly purchased dark wool trench coat and ball cap.

He had a couple more years to be an adult and to be independent, whereas just as I was getting to the age when it's normal to go out by yourself ..." She pauses. Robert Pattinson is on the road with his new girlfriend, British singer-songwriter FKA twigs, as she travels around Europe on her current concert tour.Spotted arm in arm in Paris on Tuesday, “they seem very comfortable with each other,” a source tells PEOPLE."But at least that's an experience, something new," he says.

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"If it's just screaming -- and I know this sounds so ridiculous -- that gets old.I've since tried to do it at another audition, but it completely just collapsed." He adds, "Kristen was very different from how I expected the girl who played Bella would be.I was kind of intimidated." More: Your Daily Horoscope By Sign Even though she was born and bred in chillaxed Los Angeles, Kristen is an intense young lady -- and the shock of unruly black hair she currently has (a legacy from her role as Joan Jett in the upcoming "I think it's ridiculous that you need to look a certain way to be conventionally pretty," she declares, then smiles, "but now that my hair's grown out and shaggy, it sort of looks a little funny."But it's boring because this is all I fucking talk about." Rob talks about it too. " he asks as he stands in his hotel room, looking longingly out the window. Maybe because he is British.) Rob doesn't just face paparazzi, he gets clawing, shrieking girls too.

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